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We are a market-entry consulting firm, whose challenge is to meet your needs.

Praxis takes the hassle out of moving and working abroad. Our extensive resources and first rate personnel handle the details so that companies and people can focus on what matters, instead of time consuming details. We provide a high level service to clients so they can manage healthy lifestyles and business.

We treat both our clients and staff like family. Cared for by a name and company they can trust. Our services strive to help make you feel at home here in Brazil or abroad.

We were founded in 2004, in Sao Paulo, and we expanded to Barcelona in 2009. We have partners throughout South America. Our team is made of experienced professionals with specialized training. We are people from all over the world that have come together with the same objective of reuniting people and bringing countries together: exchanging knowledge, ideas, and information and generating a consciousness about our greatest cultural quality: diversity.

And it is within that clarity that we work with companies such as INBEV, Whirlpool, Fiat, Machado & Mayer, DM9, among others. We want to work with you. Enter in contact with us, and present us your demand. Our job is to find the right solution for you.

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